Friday, January 28, 2005

Abu and Tanah Rencong

His friend called him Abu
But only few knew his given name
He left to Tanah Rencong
With hope to become a succesful trasmigrant
and Tanah Jawa where he was born
was soon became a memory

A year after and his brother visited him
Proudly he showed him his land
riped with palawija ready to be harvested

Persistantly Abu persuaded his brother to stay
To help him to harvest the land
The night after the harvest, his brother was kidnapped
by a group of men with gun they said
In the morning they found the body
was hang in one of the palawija tree

Abu was in a great grief
Tanah rencong was not a nice place to live in anymore
He planned to return back to Java
Ready to leave all his dreams
But an hour before his flight due to leave
Tsunami took revenge
Gone all Abu's land
and so his life
in Tanah rencong