Sunday, June 14, 2009

Batik Trend

These days, many Indonesians are putting on batik clothes. There is a trend in clothing, and it is a fever. Just this morning, on the way to work, I saw traffic of people, particularly women, were soaked in batik of cute and fashionable models. Batik, not so long ago was quasi-antiquated, now has changed: a creation of trendy blouses with colors from beige to strong brown, the later, some decades ago, was usually found as traditional dye in batik sarong. Some colors, as I saw it, were tosca green, crimson blue, and pastel, and they all looked so fresh.
At the hands of creative designers, traditional batik designs can become new and heart some alternatives. Short-sleeved blouses are very amiable to go casually with jean-trousers and sandals under your foot; however, batik blouses with somewhat glossy trousers or long gown, and formal lady’s high-heeled shoes, would make you look great in proper moments.
With this trend, many gasping batik producers are back to live. Thanks to our fashion designers for their rescue, otherwise, it would be a sorrow to see batik, a nota bene Indonesia’s culture heritage, in a dim nook of its own mansion just because the owner cares more to the West’s culture. According to Polling Center ― Jakarta’s prominent social and market research institution ― Indonesians, in large, especially urban people, are keenly trends conscious. 40% of the women are fashion oriented. It is back to us, how we would revert our fashion outside in. If it is done, our batik industry would roar again. It is a guarantee! By the way, I am also wearing batik blouse today. Ha, ha, ha .... so I am one of those 40% afterall!

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