Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love and Life

Sometimes life does not go the way we want it. The way we hope it would be. The way we think it should be. But I believe whenever there is love, everything is going to be okay. Love heals even the fiercest broken heart. Love heals even when we think life is over. Love from our family, from friends and from God The Almighty.

Whenever I feel down I alway turn to God and also to my family and friends for comfort. I, like any other human being, cannot live alone. I need consolations. And I am very lucky to be able to say that I am loved. I have all supports I need from my family and friends. I am never alone, even in my darkest times. And for that I thank you.

Life has taught me that life has no meaning without love. When you feel that you are alone and sad, just look around, you will be suprised to find that you still have family and friends that care for you unconditionally. But remember, before you receive love, you have to give love first. And you will see that love will be the gift you give yourself...

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