Sunday, June 14, 2009

A dilemma

This is really a true dilemma for a working mom like me; seeing my children still sleep on their beds when I go to work every morning. I always make a silent promise to them that I will try to go home not too late so I still can steal an hour or two - spending some quality time - with them. But sad to say, most of it is just an empty promise, three out of five days a week. The luck is not always on my side; when I can go home on timely from work, the traffic jam would not allow, or vice versa. So there I go again, arrive at home at 8 the earliest and find my children are already on their beds to go to sleep.

And this morning on the way to work, I heard ABBA sang Slipping through My Fingers from my favorite radio station and (silly me!) I wept. It was the story of my life they sang:

Slipping through my fingers
all the time
I try to capture
every minute
the feeling in it
slipping through my fingers
all the time
do I really see what's
in his mind
each time I think
I'm close to knowing
he keeps on growing
slipping through my fingers
all the time
Sometimes I wish
that I could freeze
the picture
and save it from
the funny tricks of time
slipping through my fingers

Oh, maybe it was just the famous PMS that came to me this morning. Come to think of it, I have had the opportunity to experience two different sides of the world, I had been a working mom, took a break for a year to become a full-time mother, and work again up till now. Both sides of the world have its plus and minus I must admit. And unfortunately - or rather fortunately - both I enjoy very much; the dynamic life of a full time mother taking care two very active boys and the busy world of a working mom trying to make the best of her time. But I am only human after all; there are times when I think one is better than the other. And there I go again with my dilemma. How about you mom?

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