Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just the other day when I went out for lunch in Blok M Plaza and had to go to the restroom (I always tried not to go to any public restroom if I could help it) I was suprised to find a lady janitor with a bundle of tickets waiting right in front of the restroom. So there I was, obediently paid for the ticket, went into the restroom, and did what I have to do there (you don't want to know, believe me). But I did not mind to pay for the ticket since the restroom, not like any others, was clean and smelled good. Provided with kleenex and other toiletries needed by a lady to wash her hands . Overall it was a quite decent place. I remember not a while ago when I had to go to the restroom in POINS Square, I had to provide my own kleenex since there was not any in the restroom - and the place was dirty, not to mention smelled rather bad. When I asked to the lady janitor for kleenex she said that the building management had stopped providing kleenex since months ago for no reason at all. It was a free public restroom, I understood, but should the building management let their restrooms be like a restroom in a bus station? It was POINS Square, supposed to be a middle class shopping mall, located between Pondok Indah and Lebak Bulus, if their budget was not allowed, why didn't they do just like Blok M Plaza did? Put a lady janitor with tickets and use the collected money to cover the cleaning expense for the restroom. That will make everybody happy! Just a thought...

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