Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am Loved and That's What matters most...

Today I could not go to my office due to stomach-ache while I was supposed to have a meeting with a client. The meeting was important and I felt terrible because I had to miss it. I always hate it whenever I could not meet my schedule and making people dissapointed.

I was in a bad mood and without my realizing it I started yelling to my kids when they made noises. Hearing my sudden of burst, their laughters stopped in an instant and I was confronted by two pairs of innocent eyes starring at me in amazed. I did not mean to pass my frustration to my kids, but there I was, yelling to my kids, and I felt very guilty. I felt that I was a bad mother.

While I was still constructing words of apology to my kids, the youngest ran to me and hugged me close, saying: I love you Ibu. The eldest looked hesitated first, but then did the same. My mood was changed immediately. From down to up; it almost hit the ceiling. I felt I was so loved. Despite of my burst to them, my kids showed me they loved me no matter what. They showed me their unconditional love. Their hugs were so precious; two pairs of hands holding my body. A tear escaped from my eyes. I hugged them back and told them I was sorry.

A lesson that I learned today; I am loved and that is what matters most.

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